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(free) 03:11


This album is a love song to where we live, a remembrance of where we've been and a structure to store things to come. Here is where we imprison our ghosts and we launch our futures.


released November 3, 2010

this album features T. Denson, T. Sarassa, J. Winchell, S. Watson (vocals, percussion), J. Houle (vocals, percussion), J. Pettigrew, E. McGinty aka E Major (Trumpet on tracks 4 and 8) and a chorus of friends




Captain #1 Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: We are Golden
These dreams that you have made a crochet hooks
And our hopes are pulled tight in embroidery hoops
And displayed in the halls that we walk
To show us how far still that we have got

We can never quit, never grow old
We are young are we are lithe and we are gold
Are we gold?
We are golden

In this house that we have built of ceramic cups,
7-inch sleeves and part-time jobs
We go home and try to pull out the sheets
From under the thumb of all this conformity

Shake the legs and the blood will flow
We have still got to fight, got to show
That we know
We are not broken

We'll leave everything that we don't need in a box
On the side of the road with markings on top
Stating this is free for anyone to take
Because we've got stories to tell, we've got music to make

Speak the words and the soul will grow
We are young and we are right and we are bold
We are gold
We are Golden
Track Name: Sleep
Where do numbers go when they have been subracted?
Where do you thoughts go when you are distracted?
Maybe they fell between the wall and the bed
Maybe the line between the living and the dead

Don't worry dear, things in life will work out
It's the dying I'd be worried about

Where do dreams go when you are awoken?
Where do your words go when they are left unspoken?
Baby, why don't you just come back to bed?
Stop all those gears going 'round in your head

Don't worry dear, things in life will work out
It's the worrying I'd be worried about
Track Name: Walk You Home
I've come a long way, gal
You've come a long way, sir
So take my hand
We'll beat a path
I'll see you home

I brought you no flowers
They'd die in a few hours
Let's go the long way
By the old bank
I'll take you home

So here we are now
Does the night have to end now
If I let you in
I'll be a gentleman
I'll walk you home

So take my hand
We'll beat a path
I'll walk you home
Track Name: Rick Danko
Don't get the wrong idea, that voice has carried me for miles
Hat and cane, out in the rain, no umbrellas are used here

He came from a town, so small, I'd never heard of it before
Rick Danko on the radio always calmed mama down

He's just a farmers son
Track Name: Clover Street
These lamps, these lights, throw rocks up till they strike
and glass comes raining down on Clover Street
As dark as tar, except for a passing car
It just takes a while for your eyes to dilate

Slowly front doors open
And people walked out on their front lawns
And lay down on there backs and they saw...

These lamps, these lights are turned off for the night
The city just can't afford them anymore
Those stars, those lines drawn by fingers so fine
Tracing the path of that Big Dipper
Track Name: Oceans
You were calling me all hours of the night
Don't you know I'm on Greenwich Mean Time?

There were oceans, Betty

In your voice I can hear a doubt
Like your words are leaving something out

There were oceans, Betty
There was nothing that you or I could do

If I could be there I would so soon
I'd ride a whale or a hot air balloon

There were oceans, Betty

Sometimes I don't think you give a damn
Lying there in some foreign land

There were oceans, Betty
There was nothing that you or I could do
Track Name: Trailer Trash
The trailers that you've driven past
Down on Magazine
With their trampolines
Missing almost every spring

And every son breathes for it's his nature
The smoke, the heat
The cough that wakes him
When he lies on top of the sheets

An ice cream truck
Driving down that ol' gravel road
With a cloud of dust
And half-naked kids on bikes in tow

And every daughter hears the sounds that made her
The cries, the blood
The pleading cicadas
Filling her ears till the sun abates her
Track Name: Ghosts
On most evenings I can fight you off with a drink
And lately I've been watching so much TV
But there's winter nights when I shiver under the sheets
Wondering how I got so lonely

That's when the ghosts come around

Help me lord lift up these heavy stones
And give the answers that we've all been waiting for
Is there a place after this as we all hope
Or does this finish at the end of the road
Track Name: You Can Never Leave
Hell is not the place that you've been thinking of
Trying something more like the home you lived in when you were young
And you believed that things happened for a reason
So you knew no better, you were so young

My Child I know, I know your kind, I know you well, I know you
Oh, Child I knew your Mom and I know that she wouldn't approve of those things you've got going on

A plan made in haste but you are here so you might as well follow through with it you've got nothing to lose
And you believe the world owes you so you leave the truck running for an easy getaway

Child, yes I know, It's a sad, sad thing but we all must go. Just accept it.
Oh, Child, I knew your Mom. What a lovely soul, she loved you so, oh that I could tell
Child yes I know, I know your kind, I know you well, I know you
Oh, Child I knew your Mom and I know that she wouldn't approve of those things you've got going on
Track Name: Brick Layer
Hello ladies, I'm a fence builder. Do you need a fence?
Yes, now Father, I'm a hell-raiser and I can raise some hell!
...and some heaven as well.
Excuse me, Gentlemen, If I can have your attention, I demand some respect!
Yes, now lover, I'm a Brick Layer. Do you need somewhere to live? Someone to grow old with? To take care of you when you're sick?

Be the one thing that I need.